Enrollment Form

To sign up for Online Banking, complete and submit the following application in its entirety. If you prefer, the signed application may be sent to Farmers & Merchants Bank at P.O. Box 249, Reisterstown, MD 21136, faxed (410-517-3064), or hand delivered to any branch location. Once the application is returned to us and processed, you'll receive a personal login ID and first time password.

Customer Information:

First Name … or Full Company Name:
Last Name … or Name of Company Contact:


Zip: Ph:

Social Security Number or Tax ID #:


Primary Checking Acct. #:


P.I.N. -                                
During this enrollment process, each enrollee must complete the P.I.N. field with a designated Personal Identification Name and/or Number that can be used for security purposes. This will be used for customer identification in the event that your user password has to be manually reset by Farmers & Merchants Bank. (i.e. Mother's Maiden Name, Birth date, Telephone Number, etc.)

Requested Services:



Internet Banking & Free Bill Payment


  Access account balances, transfer money, and utilize the Free Bill Payment feature. There is no charge for this service.      

Account Information:
You must be an authorized signer on each of the accounts selected for online access. Passbook savings accounts must first be converted to statement savings accounts before they can become accessible via Online Banking. Please visit your local branch to convert.

Account Number and Access Type*:

Account Description, as you identify this account:


















* Definitions for Access Types:

  • Full Access - You will have the full access available on this account, and full access is required for the Free Bill Payment service.
  • View & Deposit - You may view account information and transfer funds into this account.
  • View Only - You will be able to view balances and transactions.
  • Deposit Only - You will be able to transfer funds into this account from other accounts with Full Access. You will not be able to view balance or transaction information.

Please Note: You must be an authorized signer on each of these accounts.

In accordance with my secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) and login credentials for this Internet banking service, I would desire to enroll for electronic access/delivery of monthly transactional e-Statements in Adobe pdf file format from Farmers and Merchants Bank and discontinue the mailed statements of activity by the bank at this time.

Yes, OPT-IN for e-Statement Service

To discontinue this e-Statement access/delivery, please provide notification to Farmers and Merchants Bank at 410-517-3065 or by e-mail notification to clientservices@fmb1919.com.

e-Statement Disclosure

System Requirements:

  • Must be a registered Farmers and Merchants Bank Internet Banking User and have a valid email address
  • Must have the ability to view documents in PDF format to receive bank e-statements
  • Must log into Farmers and Merchants Bank’s Internet Banking at least once every ninety (90) days

e-Statement and Account E-Notice/Disclosure Agreement:

In consideration of the e-Statements to be provided by Farmers and Merchants Bank as described from time to time in information distributed by Farmers and Merchants Bank to its customers, the undersigned CUSTOMER agrees as follows:

I the undersigned hereby requests and authorizes Farmers and Merchants Bank to send notice or regular periodic account statement(s) to me or my agent, in lieu of a paper copy, in electronic format for all accounts. The periodic statements can be viewed via the Farmers and Merchants Bank web site with an approved user name and password. By utilizing this SERVICE, you agree to be bound to all rules and regulations applicable to your deposit account and any other contract for services at Farmers and Merchants Bank as established and amended by Farmers and Merchants Bank.

You agree to promptly review e-Statements and notify Farmers and Merchants Bank of any errors within sixty (60) days as described in the “In Case of Errors or Questions about your Statement” account disclosure.

You agree to receive periodic account notices in an electronic format. Farmers and Merchants Bank will provide this information in a clear, conspicuous manner that you can print and/or store. The consent granted by this paragraph applies to all accounts. Farmers and Merchants Bank will notify you of any material change in hardware or software required for retrieving or storing this disclosure information. If your e-Statement is returned to us undeliverable we will discontinue your e-Statement services. At the bank’s discretion we have the right to convert all communications on your account to electronic.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to receive e-Statements at any time. To withdraw consent, you may contact one of our personal bankers or come by any of our bank locations and inform us that you want to withdraw your consent or, you can mail your request to Farmers and Merchants Bank.

You understand that you have the right to obtain a paper copy of any of the above-described e-Statements. To obtain a paper copy, you must make a specific request to the Farmers and Merchants Bank at the bank’s address. Research fees specified in the Farmers and Merchants Bank’s Schedule of Fees and Service Charges may apply to your request pursuant to this paragraph.

You agree to notify Farmers and Merchants Bank immediately if you are unable to access any of the information that has been delivered by the bank in an electronic form or manner.

You agree to provide Farmers and Merchants Bank with signed, written notice if your email address changes.

If your account(s) are jointly owned, any one (1) account owner may consent to receive e-Statements and that election will apply to all account holders.

Farmers and Merchants Bank reserves the right to terminate e-Statements services at any time.